Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good grief, where did I go...?

So, as many of you recall from my last entry, I graduated this weekend. Okay, enough celebrating, let's get back to business, I say. Actually, I don't feel too well. I had a coughing thing, and then I had a sniffling thing, and then I had a throaty thing, and now I have a head-thing, and a stomach thing. I'm not really contagious, but I feel quite rotten. But don't feel sorry for me, I'm just apologising that this entry isn't going to be very lively, because I don't feel like being lively at the moment.

Disclaimers aside, I can now say I had a wonderful time at the conference. I saw lots of people I know, lots of people I didn't know, and even somebody I did know but didn't know I knew and now I do. Yes, I can go back and change my answer on that survey...I have met someone in person who I beforehand knew online. Her name is Natalie, and on her blog she has a picture of us together as physical proof it did actually happen. The story is, I had felt like washing my hands because I had nothing else better to do (thankfully) before the next session started (Jeff Myers! Yay!). Suddenly I heard my name called. Well, all those two days (this was Friday) it had been happening, because I kept seeing people I knew there. But unlike those people's usual, "Jessica!" or "Wow, good to see you, Jessica!" or (said in a very smooth way) "Jessica, how's it going?" This was more like a hesitant question..."Jessica...? From the blog...?" Well, I thought, I have a blog... As usual, nothing intelligent could go through my head but ANYHOO, I looked up, and this girl about my height said, "Um, I'm Natalie..." and immediately it clicked. I probably said something like, "OHHHHHHH!!!!!" and I'm sure my eyes went very wide with some degree of shock and amazement. We chatted for a second or two, and then I felt like the restroom was getting very crowded, and so I asked her what session she was going to, and she was going to the one on "Guy/Girl Relationships" with Jeff Myers also, so I said I would see her there and took off to try and get good seats.

So we sat together for that session, and then the session after that on Postmodernism, and then she had to go to a birthday party. So I went down stairs and pretended I wasn't looking admirably at the guy with the hair that went swish-swish as he talked animatedly with all the millions of girls surrounding him as I checked my text messages, and then who should call my name from behind me but Andrew, who I had seen around that day and who was always on the other side of the room at the dance the night before so we had not gotten to talk to each other yet. Therefore we took the time to think about what sessions we were going to go to. I wanted to go to the next Jeff Myers one, which I could remember had something to do with Buffoons, so I kept calling it the Buffoon One, and Andrew thought he was supposed to meet his parents at a different one in the Ballroom somewhere in the Marriott, so we walked up there. His parents weren't there but Micah was, so the three of us went back up to the Buffoon One. We were so late we had to sprawl out on the floor and get neck cramps trying to take notes from the slide projector, but it was good anyway. After that, where we finally found some of Andrew's family, we found the rest of them, and then they left for dinner, leaving me all alone. My family had decided to leave me there and go to Cracker Barrel with grandma. About an hour later they came with a salad, which I ate with great relish but thankfully without any actual relish on the salad. After eating we all rushed to the talent show. Turns out my cousins were there, and we sat together and had lots of fun making fun of most of the participants.

Saturday was hectic. I got up and got all ready. I was going to wear my favorite blue jeans, my Swimmer's excuses shirt and my Sketchers and change into my fancy clothes right before the lineup. But NO. Instead, I had to go ahead and wear my v-neck, skirt and heels all day. Good thing was I got a laptop, so happy thoughts sort of blocked out my upset thoughts of being uncomfortable all day. Except that...I had five billion mosquito bites all over my lower legs! So, I ran back down from the room my parents, Marck and Robert shared on the 5th floor back to the room grandma and I shared on the 2nd floor, and was going to put some makeup on my legs to cover it all up (I know, very ridiculous but I felt it had to be done), and as I was about to do that, I realized I hadn't shaved since Wednesday or something, so I dashed into the bathroom, shaved the bottom parts of my legs as quickly as possible, grabbed my liquid makeup and some lotion and ran out, down stairs and into the van where I quickly applied both to my legs in the opposite order that I mentioned them in on the way to the conference. I was very late to the first session, so again I had to sit on the a skirt. Yay. No more sprawling out for me! Then I saw my cousin Lauren again, and decided to sit with her for the next session. That's when Natalie came in, I waved her over and then, lo and behold, Natalie and Lauren knew each other! Weirdness.

After that session, I was grabbed by mother and herded to the parking deck where I adorned my lovely green gown and saved the wearing of my hat for later, and ran back to the North Main hall thingy to sit around and hear some guy talk for an hour and a half about going up stairs and stepping on X's and YES, I have to agree with Natalie that homeschoolers cannot follow traffic patterns, not that that has anything to do with anything. But the whole two-by-two became a little tedious as we had to stop several times on the way to being moved to some other room to listen to more instructions and quickly snarf down chick-fil-a sandwiches and make sure the collar things were tucked in right and stuff like that ...what was I saying?

Oh, forget it.

So once the ceremony actually started (in another room which we were moved to AGAIN), it went fine. I met some very nice new people, though ended up stuck in a ceremony with two people I kind of knew, because the rest of my senior friends had decided NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE...well, I don't really know. Anyway, I was a little upset by that, but I'm fine now. At least Allison came.

We came back the next day and I can't remember much except that we ate pizza and I was really tired. And the muffin thing. But I'll save the muffin story for later...too tired for that now.

So long!


Natalie said...

Ha-ha, the swishy hair guy! :D Yeah, everytime I saw him he was surrounded by girls...hmm...not my style, that.

There are probably tons of homeschooled Andrews (I know two) so I don't suppose "Andrew" was one of the ones I know...does he have a brother named Daniel? Because I bet there were tons of people there that I know, but never saw them or didn't recognize them.

I saw one guy on Saturday that I knew looked familiar, but it didn't click till yesterday that he was in my drivers ed class!

And yeah, when we were talking in the restroom there, I was getting this feeling like "You know, we're probably in the way of a bunch of people!" :D

Lizzie said...

*sighs and sniffles* Wish I'd been there.... sounds like you had a smashing time, Jess! (Congrats on graduating! Yes, I know, that should technically be on the other post...) I'm so mad I didn't get to be there, because the whole reason we didn't come (the all-day rehearsal on Saturday) didn't even happen! 'Twas canceled. *pouts* So anyway. I can't wait to see you next week! (And it would be really cool if I could see you tomorrow?? *hints*) :D

Lizzie said...

Oo, forgot to mention... I love the new layout!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats once again, Jessica!

About the not feeling good - well, you might want to go to the doctor - we found out today that Catherine has a sinus infection - so you might want to get it checked out.

Wish I could have been to your graduation! I heard that there was square dancing! I bummed out, because I REALLY want to go squared dancing sometime. Oh well, I guess there will be other times...


bassman560 said...

I think it should always be TTFN not TTYL, TTFN is so more dignified


Michelle B said...

the muffin thing? sounds curious....

congradulations!! You're a graduate!! We need to have a party.

wish I could have been at the conference....sounds like an amazing weekend.

TTFN (because I'm so much more dignified),

michelle :)

Jessica said...

I believe TTYL and TTFN are both equally as dignified but not nearly as dignified as simply typing it out: Talk To You Later, Ta-Ta For Now.

Though I do prefer TTFN because Tigger says that, and you all know I looooove Tigger!

To clarify, there wasn't any square dancing, but instead there was VERY BASIC shag dancing and some fun line dancing. I wish you all could have been there (aside from Natalie and Marck, who were of course).

I know it probably has something to do with my sinuses, because it all started one day when I was clipping hedges with very dull clippers (yes, the same hedges that found their way into the dumpster later on). But my mother, who should be a nurse but isn't for some reason, is treating me just fine for it. I feel better already!

Also, I realized I did much more complaining about how stressed and hot and bothered I was BEFORE the graduation and much less explaining about how the graduation went, which is what I meant to do. And for that, I am sorry. But my next blog will be wholly devoted to the muffin story, I'm sure...

Jessica said...

And, yes, Natalie, that Andrew guy DOES have a brother named Daniel, who's 10 or 11 or so. Um, he was the guy we saw at the Guy/Girl relationships thing who had the headphones on...

Natalie said..., okay. NOT the Andrew I know, because his brother Daniel is 16 or 17. Daniel and Andrew must be the guy equivalents of Hannah or Kaitlin among homeschoolers: very common! :D

*sniff* I think I have that same nose, throat, cough, stomachy thing. Mine's just allergies I think...but still not pleasant. :(

Jessica said...

Oh no! I hope I didn't give it to you if that's not what it is...and if it isn't (which what I mean is, if I gave the thing to you which isn't allergies), I am very, exceedingly sorry!

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