Monday, May 5, 2008

Lyrics and a Poem

So I've been doing nothing much lately, except stupid things, as usual. Oh, well. I'm in the middle of a stupid thing right now. But that's okay.

So I like listening to music. I suppose I could at least be Allison's music therapist. They really make those, you know. No, I don't mean they MAKE those...why did I say that? I mean that Music Therapist is an occupation you can get a college degree for and then start a clinic or whatever and then get paid for being there and perscribing MUSIC!!! Isn't that wonderful? I think I've mentioned it before, and I guess that's because I would like to be one, but I don't know if it would be worth it to get such a degree when I could just take a few music and psychology classes and be able to basically do it myself. I already do it. I should start charging Allison. :) But she might then need to listen to music that will console her feeling that she's spending too much money. Plus she's my friend, I think I can give a 100% discount sometimes.

Anyway, so I think instead of taking up the whole page and taking all day typing out someone else's poetry stuff. Or songs. Or whatever that happens to be. I've been listening to my old favorites lately. So I'm gonna use my super-flashy HTML skills and post some links to some songs...

Over Thinking
Somewhere Only We Know
Listen to what the Man Said
Love Song (I like the little Gilmore Girls video on there, too)
I Love You
On the Turning Away

Anyway, those are just a few. Here's a few I suggested for Allison, who's in an "I-Hate-All-Guys" mood at the moment:

This Love
Mama Said Knock You Out

Now on to my latest poem, per Michelle's request:


Just after the rain
The sky is still gray
But the horizon's turning golden
As if the break of day
But 'tis the West where the sun shines
And it won't rise tonight, but set
The rain droplets are pulled off leaves
Their meaning realized; the ground they have met

Just after the rain
Dogwood petals are a strew
Wet and wilted, yet their beauty
In their abundance does shine through
Azalea blooms are finally fragrant
Though turned with faces towards the ground
Some are loose, like the dogwoods
Trampled beauty all around

Just after the rain
The air is cool and clean
Cold rain water on my toes
A slight breeze-I am at last serene
Green seems to surround me
Maple leaves, lush grass
Bushes and plants all abound
I sigh-this again will also pass

Just after the rain
Puddles reflect the promising horizon
Thunder rolls quietly in the distance
Does the sky long for a shoulder to cry on?
Perhaps it cries alone, like me
Afraid to let others see its tears
Is it that no one cares, or cares too much
Or think the sky itself has no ears?

Just after the rain
I sympathize with the sky
I tell it I know its troubles
Of its heart's deepest thoughts, and why
It cringes at opening up
And letting the world see inside
Both the sunshine and the rainbows
I, too, know it's nothing to hide

~Jessica Claire


Natalie said...

Ooo! I like "Somewhere Only We Know"...I'm going to have to go find an mp3 and listen to it...

Allie said...

I love the poem, Jess!!!

And yeah, you kind of are my music therapist. The music you suggest always works, too. I'm actually listening to "Mama Said Knock You Out" right now, and it definitely is working. :)You should go into business with this. And all the songs you posted are really good.

Olivia Joy said...

I love your poetry!!!

jessica said...

Thank you, thank you! *sniff* *tear* I feel so appreciated. ;)

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