Wednesday, November 18, 2009


By Jessica

Memories hide themselves in the tar
Bumpy tar
Cracked tar
Easy for things to be forgotten

Each time I walked, 'twas a new street
Same bumps
Same cracks
New joy, new love, new pain

For only a fortnight have I known this pavement
Fast friends
How so?
Your hard soul is my solace

For every time we walked together, but I alone
Old friends
Just so
Ne'er again shall I take you for granted

Like the all-seeing eye of the four walls
See what is
Knowledge disguised
Then in solitude you sing

The lullaby mourns as your black arms hold me
Say what was
Knowledge unfurled
At last I can see who I am

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ode to an Ever-Closed Library in Seaside

Can you see my tears?
The lovely breeze and sun
Their battle they have won
But to sit and read and write and think
Such pleasures I have none.

I sit
Stranded on a sidewalk
'Tis useless reasons ye hath closed
To government you have brown-nosed
Mine feeble heart longs only for thee
But returned affection I only supposed.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh, Snap!

Since I don't exactly have a lot of time to sit down and write really long, drawn-out blog posts while I am here (or anywhere, for that matter), I am probably just going to blog as often as I can in little blurbs about life so far. This came about because my first official blurb was actually going to be a status on Facebook...but it was too long.
So, ladies and gentlemen:

by Jessica
about Jessica
written in third person for the sake of dramatic emphasis...or whatever feeling you get from reading this piece

Jessica was walking along the shore, absorbing the presence of the ocean and feeling at one with the wind when suddenly she was hit with 3 waves, leaving her in water that was waist deep. In a struggle to walk out of the water before she got more wet, the grasping fingers of the ocean ripped her flip-flop off her foot. She grabbed for it, successful in this retrieval, until the process caused her other flip-flop to wiggle off and elope with the receding sea. In a vain, tragic effort, Jessica scoured the ocean in the twilight. Alas, her flip flop was gone for eternity and she was soaked to the bone with only a future as an ice sculpture to give her hope in life. Oh, and dinner. =)

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