Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More than a feeling!

I just have this weird "subtly excited" kinda feeling that I can't get over. I am greatly anticipating something, but what? Maybe everything. From real short-term things like breakfast, to some things like swim meets and improv shows this weekend, to graduation-hooray for freestyle learning-, getting a job, living life in a new and different way...the idea of falling in love...the hope of one day going to Europe and blending in with the locals...WOW!!! I just feel GREAT! Last night, singing at Bible study, all I could think about was Italy-cobbble stones and vineyards and yummy food and rustic mansions and beautiful land that extends into eternity. It's really WEIRD.

Music and romance and forests and cottages and herbs and horses and big kitchens and dogs and Wolf Park and Bible Studies and knowledge and dog walking and my own car and being loved and weddings and honeymoons and hiking and camping and reading and summer and green and EVERYTHING and writing and picnics and no classrooms and no homework and no tests and simply what I WANT TO DO!!!


Monday, January 28, 2008


Since I am so worried about not learning next year, I've decided that, out of habit and for want of knowledge, I will pick a couple of things that I wish to study sometime around next semester and on into whenever. Nothing has to be completed at any time...freestyle learning!! Yay. No classes, unless I feel I will truly benefit from what they have to offer.

I've decided on several courses of action. I will be executing a in-depth, self-guided study of dog training/behavior. I will also still be reading my beloved fiction. I have lists of materials for both enterprises written down somewhere.

I'd like to learn a language. Probably after I've worked a long while and bought a car or something, then I will save up some money and get Rosetta Stone, either for French or Italian. I think I'd rather visit Italy than France, so probably Italian.

I'd like to continue studying animals in general, as well as genetics. I have no specific plans for that yet.

I also love history. I haven't done any this year, and I've missed it. So I've concluded that I want to do a chronological study of the history of the world once I graduate. I'm sure that will be fascinating.

A lot of what I'll do depends on what I can find in the area of books and things. But I just cannot wait to graduate in 2008 so I won't hesitate to fully abate empty holes in my brain before it's too late--I'll clear the plate!!! Yeah! Heh...I also want to study lots of God-stuff, and I've picked out many books for that as well.

I'm so excited! Wish me luck!


Friday, January 25, 2008

The End of the World as we Know it...

I was just struck with a terrorizing thought--what if, after I graduate, I am so caught up in making money and staying alive that I stop learning and cease any furtherance of studies in areas homeschool gave me an excuse to study, like biology and history and stuff?

I mean, sure, I can take classes from Wake Tech, but I've noticed all the homework and everything make it really stressful and I don't want to hate the subject when I'm through. Anyways, college is more for hammering info into students as quickly as possible, just making sure they KNOW the subject, without regard to their enjoyment of it or not. I want to study something I love, love it more, study it at my own pace and when I want to, and know all I want to when I do, and have no limits. On top of that, I won't have to study things I don't want to, like microorganisms.

I'm homeschooled. I know how to do all that! I have millions of resources. What am I worried about? I'll do what it takes.


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