Sunday, July 29, 2007

This song remains the same

I love music. I love playing it, singing it, listening to it, and learning about it. Everyone in my family knows my guitar is an extension of my body, and that lately I’ve become rather interested in teaching myself how to play the piano as well. Last night I dreamed of the prettiest piece of music. I was thinking in the dream that I should wake up and write it down or record the tune or something, but then I thought, “No, I’ll remember it when I wake up.” And went right on dreaming. You see, it was a quartet between a piano, a guitar, an oboe and a pan flute. AND IT WAS SO PRETTY AND I CAN’T REMEMBER IT!!!!! As you can tell, I woke up quite enraged.

Today I’ve been in one of those moods again. The mood where I just want to sit alone in my room and listen to music, and only music that makes me sigh or cry because it’s exactly how I feel about…B-O-Y-S. *gasp* What did I just say? Yes, I have officially admitted to the entire population that I like a certain guy just as much as any other girl likes any other certain guy. So there.

The only difference is that my “Having Fallen in Love” soundtrack is probably much different from the average teenage girl’s. Seriously, I would love to quote all the lyrics from all the songs here, but that would take forever, plus I’d rather you just go look them up yourselves, whether you just look at the lyrics, listen to a preview or download the whole thing. Or all three. I recommend the latter.

“Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers…it’s pretty, and I’m listening to it right now. It’s just a sweet song, but I’m not sure it really conveys what I’m going through right now.

“Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. I love the piano and the guy’s voice. And it’s sweet. I keep saying that. I just hope that someday I have a somewhere only we know with someone special.

“Dreams” by Van Hagar…Halen. Whatever. Being by Van Halen, I absolutely love it. Gives me a happy feeling.

“You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. Makes me think of sunshine and daisies and makes me sigh wishfully a lot.

“Green Eyes” by Coldplay. I love bright green eyes. I want to marry someone with green eyes. And I want all my children to have green eyes that one can see from a mile away.

“This Side” by Nickelcreek. This song actually is applicable to my “’love’ situation”.

“Over Thinking” by Relient K. This song is even more relative. It conveys EXACTLY what is going through my head about things of these sorts.

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. This is an extension of the Relient K song, and makes me want to cry.

“Mirrors and Smoke” by Jars of Clay. Just an extension of an extension. It’s a duet I feel I should sing with the guy I am hopelessly and against my will falling for.


I seriously really must stop. I don’t need to be bothering myself with these feelings at this stage in my life. I mean, it’s not like I care about him so much that he’s secretly controlling my life and all the decisions in it. I am still very much an independent person, but somehow my affections have stretched way beyond their natural capacity for this guy, which really isn’t fair. He’s not my husband, and there is a high probability that he won’t be. My actual husband would be horrified to find that I like this boy so much. So for my future husband’s sake, I should stop. But it’s so hard!

“Why Can’t This Be Love” by Van Halen/Hagar/Whatever. Yeah. See?

“Wet Sand” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. *eyes narrow* See see? No, I am not speaking Espanola or whatever.

“Ten Years Gone” by Led Zeppelin. I love Led Zeppelin, and this song makes me emotional for some stupid reason.

“All My Love” by Led Zeppelin. Again, same reasons as the above song.

This entry has been rather inconclusive and I apologize for that. But…Oh, I don’t know. I just can’t seem to get my thoughts together right now. Just go listen to those songs, and I’ll write back later.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Post Needs a Title


As you may have casually and perchance slightly unwillingly observed, I have begun a new blog. You may or may not have also scrutinized that I have not written in my old Teen to Teen Fitness blog since March. Why? Well, you may think I just haven’t had much to say since then. Maybe yes, about fitness, anyway. All I have found much to say about fitness these days is that my entire body aches from water polo. But whatever.

So I have decided to start a new blog containing everything else. If I ever feel like writing about fitness, I suppose I will finally update my other blog. But until then, all of my three loyal fans (or oiled fins) will be confined to reading this General Information blog of mine.

This blog will include everything I have ever wanted to write about. I already said that about twelve million times already, but I suppose that means I am really intent on emphasizing that point. SO THERE.

I really like writing about whatever, so please don’t be totally turned off if the entries are far too long. I am quite partial to writing fourteen-page journal records, so I don’t expect this to be much different. Though I presume I won’t be telling you all the details of every conversation in every day. Or many other things, such as this entry that I wrote in my journal on 4-17-07, (my dad’s birthday) at 3:01 pm:

Today we warmed up with a 400 free, and for some reason, Matt still isn’t wearing flippers. Maybe he sprained his ankle. After that, we did 10 50’s on the :50 and then we had kickboard time. After that…


Anyway, I’m sure you simply cannot possibly wait until my next blogging moment, so I will stop this one now so that I may start another. Good day!


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